Curt Shilling’s Cancer Diagnosis (201)

Many people are diagnosed with cancer everyday. Some of those people may be relatives, some may be people you don’t know, and some may be a popular figure we hear about in the news. Curt Shilling, a common name thrown around in the baseball world was recently diagnosed with cancer. Over the last decade his wife suffered and beat the deadly disease; now it is his turn. Although it is overwhelmingly sad to hear of another victim of cancer; it is reality. But, the reason I focused on Curt Shilling is because of how he responded to his diagnosis. Instead of feeling sorry for himself, he felt empowered to beat the disease. Therefore, Curt Shilling has contributed to the emotional aspects surrounding cancer. By facing his struggle with cancer in the public eye, he has given people the confidence and power necessary to be a survivor.

Curt Shilling’s Diagnosis

Nicolette LaPierre

Suite 201


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